Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm going to write at least a few more items
It's been about 2 years since I'd last written on this little experiment of mine. Due to some new sad circumstances, I've decided I'll have to add at least a few more entries.

I'm coming away from the terrible news that Lian Harper - not to mention thousands of citizens of Star City - were turned into the latest of sacrificial lambs at DC in the abominable miniseries called Cry for Justice. And over at Marvel, I'm aware that Janet VanDyne, the Winsome Wasp, has also apparently bitten the bullet a year and a half ago in Secret Invasion.

That's why I decided I should update the blog a bit more, because there are a few more characters who could use an entry here if that's what is needed to combat the continuing problem with the big two turning their heroes and supporting casts into sacrificial lambs in the most sadistic ways possible.

Besides adding a few more profiles and records, as I've called them, I'll also be trying to come up with at least one entry dedicated to fictionalized cities and their unnamed citizenry who are also turned into sacrifices for the sake of it. Because even that's been getting way out of hand.

The problem can't be ignored. That's why I'm going to add more here.


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