Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Profile: Fury

Lyta Trevor/Kosmatos Hall, Fury
First appearance: Wonder Woman #300 Vol. 1, February 1983. She was originally created as the daughter of the Golden Age Earth-2 WW and Steve Trevor. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, she was reworked as the daughter of a Golden Age Greek superheroine of the same codename, whose real name was Helena Kosmatos, who appeared in All-Star Squadron. Lyta was one of the first members of Infinity Inc during the 1980s.

Current status: in death limbo along with her husband, Hector Hall (Silver Scarab and later a new Dr. Fate).

Was subjected to the following acts of discrimination: she went nuts after Daniel Hall, her son, went MIA in the Sandman series. She was later captured and rendered unconscious by Mordru in JSA. She was later saved from this effect, but then, in 2005, she and her husband were banished by the Spectre to hell. Daniel Hall later brought them into the Dreaming, after which we see that they’re presumably dead with their spirits now in the Dreaming.

What’s wrong with how this was done? Just when there was a chance to develop some focus upon this notable couple anew, and how they try to rebuilt their lives, they’re dragged into the mechanisms of a crossover (Infinite Crisis) and tossed away. The Spectre and Jean Loring have both been misused, and with that storyline in JSA #80, we can now add Fury and her husband to the list.

Indeed, what was the whole point of bringing back Hector Hall, son of the Hawks, if all it could add up to was this? And they certainly weren’t helping matters if Fury was also being written out when she’d barely even returned.


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