Monday, November 19, 2007

Record: Mark Millar

The errors I can find that Millar made in his own writing career took place in the Ultimate Marvel line during 2001-2003. Here are at least two examples of what this decidedly pretentious writer did:
  • In the Ultimates, just 5 issues into the series, he regurgitated the infamous 1981 Avengers story where Hank Pym beat up on Janet Van Dyne. Pure sensationalism. Of all the storylines that could’ve been used as fodder for a new twist, that’s not one we needed to see. Certainly not if Jan was being pegged as the one who’d provoked Hank into being violent towards her (but no, I don’t think I’ll try to describe just what happened).
  • He implied that the Ultimate versions of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver had an incestuous relationship.
  • In Ultimate X-Men, the Ultimate version of Wolverine leaves Cyclops stranded or for dead in a deep valley, all so that he can then seduce Jean Grey for sex (and she may be underage!). Yet he’s never expelled from the Ultimate X-Men. Supposing your own best friend left you stuck in a valley where you had to survive on rock plants for a week so that he could go and take advantage of your own girl Friday. Would you want him to continue maintaining membership in your own team? Would any of the other members want him to either?
Let’s just say that Millar is by far a crude, pretentious and overrated writer who did little more than to take some once effective cast members of famous team books and turn them into something otherwise unlikable. His work is so ludicrous, and I can’t understand what anyone sees that’s so great about it.


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