Friday, February 16, 2007

Record: Greg Rucka

Nope, even he’s not going to evade criticism here, as I’ve concluded. Because he too seems to have a few errors in his writing portfolio, not the least being that he can’t seem to resist working for money (or so it would seem). So, what examples can I dish out for him? Let’s see:
  • Sasha Bordeaux was his creation, if I’m not mistaken? Seems that she was intro’d simply for a few worthless reasons: so that she could be framed for the murder of onetime Bat-cast member Vesper Fairchild, and then suffer in jail at the hands of other violent inmates, as Bruce Wayne initially thought of abandoning her there(!). This was in order to create a rift between the two, as Sasha then is approached by some special agents for Checkmate, who offer her a job, and then fake her death as a way of slipping her out of prison. Batman eventually finds out, but after a heated discussion with Sasha, leaves her in peace.
  • There’s something very odd about Rucka’s leading us to wonder if Ares is doubling back on his bad ways again in Wonder Woman, but then, it’s Hera herself who ends up causing injury to the Amazons via their magical fountain when she gets angry at how Zeus is de-facto cheating on her with his voyeuristic scans of Themyscira. Why, when I think about it now, do I start to feel very unpleasantly annoyed at that?
  • Rucka was also involved in co-writing Countdown to Infinite Crisis, and in blasting Ted Kord, aka Blue Beetle, to death.
  • In the OMAC Project miniseries, Sasha is turned into a cyborg, though this is reversed later on in Infinite Crisis. (But don’t think that makes it any better!)
Rucka, as I’ve concluded, while he may have some credible writing in store, also possesses some very stupid and foolish examples as well, and may not be as worthy of handling any DC or Marvel books he’s writing as one might think.


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