Sunday, December 24, 2006

Record: Geoff Johns

Whether or not it's been studied clearly, Johns too has more than a few noteworthy faults of his own that can be put on record here, as follows:
  • The use of Magenta in The Flash as an insane tool, and even the questionable characterization of Girder as a possible sex offender.
  • In the JSA storyline "Fair Play", Hawkgirl is chained as a hostage to be rescued in Roulette's most-dangerous-game settings. Umm, why exactly her and not Hawkman instead?
  • In The Flash #199, the neo-Reverse-Flash strikes Linda Park West to the ground with a vibrating shockwave, terminating her pregnancy until the time-warp effects in issues #224-225 change all that. Unfortunately, until we get to that point, we have to endure quite a few panels in which Linda is shown being assaulted, and prior to this story, Gorilla Grodd was tormenting Wally with images of his loved ones being tortured and put to death in the "Run Riot" storyline. This signals a serious problem Johns has of hammering the readers with filthy, rancid imagery, and probably thinking he can get away with it because it's not actually happening.
  • In The Flash #201, it's implied that Evan McCullogh, the second Mirror Master, has also committed a sex offense.
  • His story in The Flash #213 implying that the Turtle could be a child-molestor was a very serious misuse of a longtime character.
  • He went along with the whole Identity Crisis crap, even in the pages of JSA, with the first storyline stemming from that in 2004 being really painful (and autopsy on Sue). So too in fact was the second one a year later, with the Spectre, and the corrupted Jean Loring-as-Eclipso.
  • He wrote an awful story in Teen Titans featuring Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, supposedly a commentary on Identity Crisis, but that’s no excuse for what could’ve been a delightful resurfacing of the Zoo Crew that could make people come away smiling. Instead, we’re hit in the face with an appalling and joyless story involving something like a murder mystery with animals in place of humans.
  • In Rogues' Revenge, he depicts Inertia, the main rival of Impulse/Bart Allen, slaying Josh Jackam, an infant who appeared earlier in the Flash. Must I point out how truly repugnant this is becoming when even infants are turned into sacrificial lambs?
So there we have a list, not a long one, but still a fairly sufficient one, detailing, even if only in small bits, some of the more wretched things that Johns did in his career to date, that reek of questionable violence and going overboard in character misuse.


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