Saturday, May 27, 2006

Profile: Aquagirl

Tula, Aquagirl
First appearance: in Aquaman in 1967

Current status: dead

Was subjected to the following act of discrimination: killed off by toxic poison in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

What’s wrong with how this was done? What was the whole point? To give Garth, then Aqualad and now Tempest, a motive on which to keep on fighting? Sorry, but, it’s just weak, and was totally unneccasary.

Tula may have been underused considerably since the time when she first appeared in Aquaman’s solo book in the Silver Age, and after the mid-70s, she’d all but gone unused until the time when she joined the Teen Titans in the showdown with the H.I.V.E in 1984. Killing her off soon afterwards was just plain lame.


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